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Picking a Book

Discovering the
World of Writing.

Writing gave me an avenue to express my emotions. 

When people look back on their lives, some remember dialogues best; others vividly recall faces and images; yet others remember scents, sounds, or tastes.

I recollect important moments through emotions - with a startling, poignant clarity above everything else. I see the world through a palette of feelings, and it blends its way into everything I experience. 

The thesaurus was my first love. Poetry was my second. Both taught me how to capture the inner world I hid from everyone else in words like strokes of color in a painting.

Gradually, writing crept its way into short stories, essays, creative nonfiction, my high school and college papers, and finally into the novel I am writing. 

For years, I have served as a successful resource for those who seek inspiration and those who need support in elevating their language and writing skills or finding their own voice.

It all started in third grade, when I first fell in love with the thesaurus...

Meet Raka

Author, Creative Writer, Storyteller & Communications Coach

Business People Applauding


"You can make anything by writing." - C.S. Lewis

"Raka took the lead and has worked independently to build the project charter. I admire her ability to access subject matters... "

- Charles Ahr,
Executive Director PSGCNJ

"Raka is an amazing career coach and mentor who can absolutely do wonders. I am extremely impressed by her communication style...”

- Jeannie Boulangé,
Account Administrator

"Raka's dedication to pursuing high-quality storytelling encouraged me to write eight drafts ..."

- Jianing Debbie Li,
Language Educato


"Writing, to me, is simply thinking with my fingers." - I Asimov

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