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Discover the World of Writing

Communication Coaching with Raka Chaki

For years, I have served as a successful resource for those who seek inspiration as well as for those who need support in elevating their language and writing skills or find their own voice.

It all started in first grade, falling in love with Thesaurus...

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Meet Raka

Author, Creative Writer, Storyteller & Communication Specialist

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"Only a blank page needs no editing." - Marty Rubin

Business People Applauding


"You can make anything by writing." - C.S. Lewis

"Raka took the lead and has worked independently to build the project charter. I admire her ability to access subject matters... "

- Charles Ahr,
Executive Director PSGCNJ

"Raka is an amazing career coach and mentor who can absolutely do wonders. I am extremely impressed by her communication style...”

- Jeannie Boulangé,
Account Administrator

"Raka's dedication to pursuing high-quality storytelling encouraged me to write eight drafts ..."

- Jianing Debbie Li,
Language Educato


published by Teen Vogue (Condé Nast) in July 2017

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"Writing, to me, is simply thinking with my fingers." - I Asimov

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